Recovery Drinks vs. Water

And if you are a super pro athlete at the peak of your performance  ask your self this….where will you be in 20yrs and what will you do if there is no Gatorade or other powdery substance?Come to think of it I am not alone in my decision and practically a face of Gatorade is making a switch. Funny to see this especially since Gatorade is now pushing to develop additional ‘lines’ of their drinks. You know the hype…”pre”, “during” and “recovery”…really? Low on funds or what? All this revolutionary science coming from the very same powder producing company owned by PepsiCo…you know that other better-zero-cal-beverage and junk food giant company that is cause of our problem to being with?

Don’t get me wrong I still Like drinking mix of water and Gatorade but not something I want to do long term. Nothing beats water…or coconut water 🙂

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  1. yeah man, coooooconut yo! goood stuff. agreed. you do need some salts to come back into the system at some point, but that doesnt have to be in conjunction with the heaps of sugar in those drinks…

  2. Sure, I agree salt is a must as well…and why I think that coconut water is not 100% solution, most people are ok with just water. But p90x is more strenuous than avg. workout sessions of people wanting to stay in shape. My latest kick has been to eliminate all the extra sugar in my diet so coconut water is a good sub for gatorade – for me. Change is good and never permanent.
    Be Like Water! 😉

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