Everything that has a beginning has an end, said the great Oracle. I hope that you have a chance to look over each workout before you take this as the quick review. After having nice results with this program it is hard to start of with a negative point. However, it is not a holly grail of fitness so here are my positive and negative feelings about the whole process.


  • It works without needing a ton of gear – I am in much better shape than I thought possible
  • Convenience of working out at home without a commute, wait for machines and crowds
  • Confidence builder – I never worked out 2 consecutive days in my life 🙂
  • Learned a few things about nutrition and picked up some recipes on the way – even bought a cookbook
  • It motivated and thought me enough basic workouts that I can always apply without having access to a gym
  • Workout progress bar on the DVDs – great way to gauge yourself
  • Online community – a lot of cool, regular and helpful people


  • DVD editing – some of the workouts really suffered from trying too hard to squeeze it all under an hour.
  • No supervision –  to teach or correct you if the form is not right or to offer advice.
  • Sleazy self serving adds for supplements after every workout. Common guys, you have a good program but stop trying to pretend that you make the best of the supplements out there; let’s stay focused on the workouts.
  • Tony Horton’s humor – it gets old. But I suppose he is better than having some roided a** yell at you through your TV. The whole “Bring It” and “X” is right up there on the same annoyance level after you have been doing the workouts for a while.
  • Their online tools and website are little dated in functions especially Message Boards.
  • What about day 91? – no real follow up or plan as to what to do after the 90 days have passed. I have asked the community and got some real advice that I found sound.

There you have it.