Most of us want some form of a “proof” to get and stay motivated. Does p90x work? In short, yes it worked 100% for my goals but the question is can you make it work for yourself?!

Initially I went about and recorded all my measurements as the fit test outlines it but as the time went on I stopped caring about them. At the end, I didn’t care to even remeasure. I know one thing, I feel 175% better then before doing the program and have noticed improvements in my posture, overall strength, endurance and even some flexibility. As far as activity goes I was able to play 1-2 full-court pickup games of basketball before passing out on the side of court. Today I can play 3-4 games for duration of 2-3 hrs and find myself to be the last guy standing around waiting for the next game.

In the process I manage to awake some of the muscles I have never used and shave of some extra fat I have put on, so, yes, it works for fat loss as well. Dare I say even built some muscles. Even though my goal was not to loose weight and I lived of 2500cal a day healthy diet at 6’1″ I went from 194.4lbs to 178.6lb with total of 15.8 LBS lost! Right into Phase II, unfortunately I also managed to tear my right shoulder ACL but it was a learning experience that if anything has forced me to watch my nutrition for additional month during the recovery.

Hey what about that ‘ripped’ look? You mean other than my shoulder? Unfortunately or not I did not end up with 6pac but I never really aspired to do so. I just could not get motivated with the look alone and needed utilitarian purpose to all this and that I achieved. Perhaps Power90 was more suited for me but I wanted a challenge and applicable results that will motivate me to continue the fitness journey.