Is P90X program for me?

Good question and I have not asked myself this directly…actually I never did until time of this post. You wonder the same and I have heard that P90X is not a joke so…buckle up.

I have read and seen success stories of this program but we are all different and could not really relate. Some of those people are ex athletes or people who work at home and have the luxury of time, forgive me but to be honest some of those people are so overweight that their ‘after photos’ are more impacting…all of those things I do/am not. I am just an ‘average guy’ with no good eating habits and high level of skepticism. So it this program for me? Will it even make THAT much of difference? This kind of attitude has also lead me into quickly creating excuses such as:

  • ..I don’t need this, I am not…
  • I don’t have enough room in my house to do this.
  • I can’t afford this.
  • Can I even physically do this without dropping dead?

These are all the demoralizing questions I have used as an excuse so why not try something new. Before battling some of the very important issues above I need to face the bigger issue and answer

Where do I stand today and what awaits me?

Umm…ehm that would be some time in high-school and about 16-18yrs ago. What? With some light math we can now, perhaps, relate.  That time ago was the last time I did some exercise. Ever since, I have been running on double espressos and pack of smokes a day and this was exclusively my breakfast = coffee+ 2-3 Camel Lights. Yes, I am a lover and not a fighter LOL. Realistically I would eat at home maybe 20-30% of the time and this includes junk food…we all have a weak spot…Samson had his hair, Superman his kryptonite while me and Homer need sugar.

Pieman Homer

How much? 4-6 packets of sugar on 1shoot of espresso.Nutella, cookies, doughnuts, gummy bears, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter you name it I love it and will not say no to it. There is always room for a cooookieeee. Bread? Oh don’t get me started. In my family, if there was no bread a meal was not served. As said before, I am still not doing my p90x so now I allow this stuff to sediment.

To answer the question backwards I know what awaits me…health issues from smoking, high blood sugar, cholesterol, doctors visits, lack of energy, lots of blood work and meds…essentially all the hidden health issues that now are just concepts will have to be dealt with down the line. I don’t need a specialist to tell me this and neither should anyone reading this…be honest to yourself and you will be amazed how cruel we are to ourselves while we think we are “#1”. I KNOW I do not take care of my health and that only time I invest any energy into myself is when I get sick. Tea, vitamins, OJ, honey and all Little late don’t you think?

So is this program for me and where do I stand today? It doesn’t matter as long as I complete it at any level and pickup new habits that will help me join Bruce Lee as we Enter the Dragon :D. On a serious note…how bad can I harm myself by eating better and exercising for 90days? If I don’t ‘bring it’ and do it with 50% of intensity…well guess what, that is 50% MORE than I am doing today. There isn’t much to loose and if it turns out that working out and exercise is not my lifestyle of choice then Nutella will always be there. Next time I will note down some traits of my current fitness level. Stick around, if anything then for the laughs.

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