So probably one of the most exciting items – partially due to fact I can use it without having to work out…is the blender.  Realizing that I am not a morning person and downing a breakfast is going to be hard I decided to blend some healthy smoothies. Upon this revolutionary and enlightened moment (patent pending) I found myself standing in front of the kitchen cabinets and without a blender in sight. Since I spent some time doing research on a blender I decided to dedicate a bit lengthier post about it. I know, Yawn…pretty boring but someone out there might find it useful. A bit of help from Google and reviews from Amazon shoppers I went of to local Wall-Mart looking to buy a “Ninja Master Prep” but they were out of stock. After reading some more reviews it seemed like this item had ‘too much of a blade’ to clean and after looking at it more closely it was more of a ‘food processor’ than I needed at this point. Apparently it is one cool, inexpensive machine that people love. As an alternative, store employee pointed me in direction “Magic Bullet” which was a on a sale for around $40.

I bought as I waned to keep it simple and this product has been so heavily hyped I had to try it. Soon I realized this ‘small blender’ is a whole set that actually took up more space than standard blender. What got me sold was the fact that it had an ‘extra piece’ of a pitcher-like blender. Unfortunately Magic was short lived as the blender/pitcher attachment would not lock on properly and initiate the start. After it did, it barely could do any damage on 2 ice cubes…well, it rounded them into balls but far from blending into anything drinkable. I made two fruit smoothies with it and dodged using ice. Honestly, I just got annoyed with its on/off mechanism and realized what everyone was talking about its drive shaft  being made of plastic. This and the fact it only had 1 attachment I wanted. I returned it for a refund and went of following a tip to go to Bed-Bath and Beyond store. It sounded as good as any place to get a blender so who cares, it was down the street and convenient.

After looking over some choices I settled for Oster BCBG08 for $39.99. I have used it 9 times so far and it seems like a pretty decent item.

Casing or stand of the blander is plastic (although it has a metal look) but the pitcher is glass with all metal drive shaft and blender blade. Here are a few shots of the blender:

blender drive shaft
blender pitcher bottom

So far this thing looks and work pretty good and has been easy to clean. Fairly cheap and it does the job. If all fails I can always make some margaritas…again a win-win!

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