1. Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

DAY 1:

I have to say I was surprised and surpassed my expectations of upper body workout. Some second rounds I had to drop on my knees just to go through but never the less…on my test I could only do 8 push-ups 🙂 while in whole hour long workout  I made it to 55-60 total. Funny to you but impressive to me.

Ab Ripper was fun…to watch, all I could do is some old fashioned crunches.

DAY 90:

As expected or hoped for, I made great progress and doing 15-20 push-ups comfortably in 1 set is really not an issue. The whole re-ordering of workouts is bit annoying and would much prefer if I did push-ups and then moved on some other type of workout but mixing it up is part of the program. It still is the most taxing workout for me.

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