Ab Ripper X

DAY 1:

First week I had issues with and was rationally angry at the approach.

1. Ab workout comes after 1hr worth workouts as if….

Really? Aren’t I tired enough?

2. 15min workout…oh cool a quick one

Yeah, right. Initially it took me 30min at least to go through all the workouts.

So, the first week I did 1/2 of the video the rest was…no desire or skill to do it past. Note to self, pause button and try to do each workout is better approach. The only approach really.

Fourth time around I was working AND using that pause button…just accept the fact it is NOT going to be 15min and keep squeaking though, you CAN have all even if you sit in the back row  🙂

DAY 90:

Ab Ripper….well, hello there my first top 2 packs hehehe. I can finally crunch & feel all of them but the (in)famous 6pack is not visible. My gut has definitely flattened over time and my posture has improved. Still hitting pause at least 2 times during the video and all workouts I can keep up with at least above 20 reps. 15min work out? No, more like 20-25min.

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