2. Plyometrics

DAY 1:

I had to push pause for every 3rd switch of workout and wait for my heart rate to drop from 145 down to 135 before I could pickup again. Alternatively from stopping I would let 5-10 seconds run out before starting to tag along. I remember thinking…I hope they throw in a 2-3min add for a refreshing drink or something. 🙂

Drenched with slightly rubbery legs and disoriented…and you wonder why I miss my jump shots. Basketball shorts turned out not to be comfortable enough.

DAY 90:

I have grown to like this workout and actually it is the one workout that that I don’t dread. Let’s face it, we use our legs all the time more so then we lift 20lbs of stuff. Still kicks my but and find myself winded and legs are sore but not as rubbery as they used to be initially. Over time I have adjusted and learned to skip a few workouts that I find to be just silly variations or that could lead to unnecessary injury – hot foot, rockstar hops, circle run, baseball trows…waste of time in my book so I just do some jump-knee-tucks or old fashioned jumping jacks to keep my hear rate going.

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