4. Yoga X

DAY 1:

Ok, so not to most easiest workout to follow…about 20min in and I was frustrated but I tagged along. I stopped the dvd with 34min left on it. This is one looooong session. Man am I inflexible, this workout made me feel like a Frankenstein. Truth be told, they go way too fast over poses and it is difficult to follow dvd, look up and mimic. Not only because the stands are hard but also due to speed they go over them…and there is A LOT of them. There isn’t even enough time to hit pause button I would get lost if we are talking about left leg arm or what LOL. Never the less, 1hr of it and good sweat out of it. Much more relaxed after than during :). Did my 80% as I was annoyed with a ‘catchup’ game but I am still game.

DAY 90:

Much respect for yoga but I can’t help it to feel this was not the best way to introduce one to it. From what I read and have seen most yoga sessions are around 30-40min mark and for a reason as well. 90 minutes is just way too long for me and really don’t like that it takes so much of my time. Also, if we are doing dedicated ab workouts why sneak them into this session as well – especially since the day before we did Ab Ripper X.

Did it improve my flexibly? I don’t think so but I do feel little more pliable just not sure if yoga takes all the credit. Another positive side-effect is that I am now intrigued about yoga and will seek out alternatives that are more respectful of my time.

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