6. Kenpo X

DAY 1:

The easiest so far for me since I am used to be on my feet and running around. Never the less, HR at 155 is not too bad at all, I wish I could have straightened my legs more…some day. Also, yoga mat was nothing but in the way so the idea to ‘save the carpet’ goes out of the window. I like my teeth better.

DAY 90:

Yawn…really. If I am going to continue to do this workout then investing into a pair of weighted gloves or punching bag…hm, doubt it. Makes for a good travel workout if you need some cardio and kills the boredom of treadmills or subs for it if you don’t have one. Despite the crazed look of the girl in the video this workout will Not teach you self defense….not even close but it burns calories at the cost of your joints.

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