5. Legs & Back

DAY 1:

This workout I liked, working on legs is something I can apply the moment I roll out of the bed so I liked it. Most of the workout is done with a small weights 10-15lbs.

Ab Ripper X, this time I participated about 70% of the time stopped with 1:30 left on DVD. Moving up from the last row in the classroom but not exactly the most active student :). Working. Will need the core strength along with legs if I want to improve my hops and reach.

DAY 90:

Nice workout and definitively targets muscles that would not get used otherwise. I do feel worked but this would not be typical ‘leg building’ session so anyone looking to beat the chicken leg syndrome this will not cut it. Certain days I felt on almost auto-pilot though the workout while others my legs were quite sore. Nice session with low cardio.

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