Nutrition Guide

Diet, being the key factor to healthy living was also one of my bigger issues and not knowing much about nutrition and healthy food was demoralizing. Luckily, Nutrition Guide is included with P90X and it is staged as choice of two types of healthy diets.

1. The Portion Plan

This plan is designed for those who don’t have a lot of time or patience to prepare a meal that involves more than one or two steps. It is definitely better suited for those who don’t like to cook and follow recipes.

The moment I read this I was all over the concept and flipped through the guide and then realized that the name of the game is to count how many servings of protein, dairy, fruit, vegetables etc. you would consume.

P90X Portion Plan Sample

This sounded rather strange to me and could not see my self looking around to eat a single carrot or just a chunk of meat to get that ‘serving of protein’. I could not visualize myself eating this way. Onto the next the concept.

2. The Meal Plan

By following the daily meal plans, you’ll not only take the guesswork out of your daily food preparation, but you’ll also enjoy a variety of delicious, healthy, and low-fat recipes that will provide you with a proper amount of nutrition and energy to get the most out of P90X workouts.

Hey alright, as long as I get the ingredients and put them together this should work and I would be eating full healthy meals, right?! They even provide a nice printable shopping list, how great it that?! Let’s do this! Pumped with excitement I printed out the shopping list provided with Nutrition Guide and went down the local WholeFoods Market. I CAN do this! After getting to a store I had to make decisions and look for substitute items or rely on the clerks to recommend alternatives. Quite honestly I think they were just pulling the next thing of the shelf and asked me ‘if this would do?’ How the hell would I know, I am not a nutritionist nor a chef.

Man, I failed before beginning a single workout. Not quite. I went for my own version of nutrition tracking and just stuck to P90X Phases with % of protein, carbs and fat in mind. Inspired by the nutrition guide I decided to track my calories and stay within healthy food realm.

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