4. Yoga X

DAY 1: Ok, so not to most easiest workout to follow…about 20min in and I was frustrated but I tagged along. I stopped the dvd with 34min left on it. This is one looooong session. Man am I inflexible, this workout made me feel like a Frankenstein. Truth be told, they go way too fast…


5. Legs & Back

DAY 1: This workout I liked, working on legs is something I can apply the moment I roll out of the bed so I liked it. Most of the workout is done with a small weights 10-15lbs. Ab Ripper X, this time I participated about 70% of the time stopped with 1:30 left on DVD….


6. Kenpo X

DAY 1: The easiest so far for me since I am used to be on my feet and running around. Never the less, HR at 155 is not too bad at all, I wish I could have straightened my legs more…some day. Also, yoga mat was nothing but in the way so the idea to…


Ab Ripper X

DAY 1: First week I had issues with and was rationally angry at the approach. 1. Ab workout comes after 1hr worth workouts as if…. Really? Aren’t I tired enough? 2. 15min workout…oh cool a quick one Yeah, right. Initially it took me 30min at least to go through all the workouts. So, the first…


This one is going to be short and unsweetened. As of last week I have cut out my soda and sugary drinks consumption and turned into a water only. I think I had only 1 can of coke but that was before my day1 so I can scratch it off. Point being, next time they…



Knowing very little about the nutrition is a good motivator on a tight dead line and reasonable budget. Being educated about the product always made me feel better about buying it. I need to learn some basics and have a few opinions already established. Documenting what I tried is not a bad thing at all…